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One of the key factors in finding a job after you graduate from college is whether or not you have experience in your field.  Experiential learning can make YOU stand out among graduates.  You can begin garnering internship/co-op experience here at Montgomery College.  If you transfer on to a four-year school, plan to seek out information on internships/cooperative work experiences early on.  

Experiential learning refers to experiences outside the classroom that enable students to develop skills related to their academic or career interests. Such experiences include internships, co-ops, summer employment, and externships.

Internships.  Internships are typically one-time work or service experiences performed by students who have attained at least some academic preparation in a professional field. Advanced undergraduate or graduate students work in professional settings under the supervision of at least one practicing professional. Some internships are more involved than others. Many offer pay, but quite a few donít. Most are done for academic credit.

Co-ops.  A cooperative education experience is generally completed over more than one semester. It includes work assignments related to the participantís academic and career interests. Co-op students are almost always paid, and their work is considered productive to the employer. The typical program plan involves students alternating terms of full-time classroom study with terms of full-time, discipline-related employment. Most co-op programs involve some sort of academic credit.

Practicums. A practicum is generally a one-time work or service experience participated in as part of an academic class. Some practicums offer pay, but many donít. Almost all are done for academic credit.

Externships. Externships are also known as job shadowing and allow students to spend between one day and several weeks observing professionals on the job. Such experiences are unpaid; however, some colleges and universities pick up travel and/or living expenses. Externships are generally not done for academic credit.

 Montgomery College Opportunities

  • MC Internship Information and Referral Services - Internship opportunities outside of the Cooperative Education Program.  MC has a separate Internship Coordinator who is available to help identify internship opportunities and to enhance internship and job search skills, including resume review and interview skills development.  The office is located on the Rockville Campus, Counseling and Advising Building, Rm. 215. 301-738-8043 or 301-279-5062.  
  • The Macklin Business Institute, Montgomery College, Rockville Campus.  The Macklin Business Institute offers an honors and mentoring program to sophomore-year business students. The college-wide program includes participation in business honors courses, a seminar each week, and mentoring by both a faculty member and a corporate executive. A business internship and scholarship support will also be available to students accepted into the Institute.

Conduct Your Own Search for an Internship

  • Use a search engine like and type in a variety of phrases to generate some possibilities.  For example, you might try "internships psychology rockville" as a first attempt and see what pops up.  Vary it a bit each time to enlarge or reduce your scope - you might try "internships pyschology MD", "internships psychology Maryland", "mental health internships Maryland" etc.

You can also search for internships by going to specific company websites and surfing around under "Employment" or "Human Resources."   For example, you could go to the National Institute of Standards and Technology site (find it by typing in the organization name in ) and look in the Employment link - bingo!

  • Remember that many students go for the big name companies and organizations, so competition for internships may be intense.  If you offer yourself as an intern at a smaller / local company, they may not have a formal intern program but they may be very willing to put you to work.  A smaller organization may be able to give you more responsibility in handling a variety of tasks. 
  • Have a resume ready before you begin your search.  Make use of MC's resume writing services to polish up your form.

Internship Listings on the Web

Many, many companies & organizations list internship vacancies on the Web.  Remember that everyone else is searching this way, too, so actual opportunities may be limited.  This is a good way to get an idea of the types of internships that exist, and perhaps you can market yourself as an intern for a local company after you see the kinds of things that interns generally do.

Miscellaneous Local Opportunities

US Department of State, DC
Acterna, Germantown MD - CS and Business
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Maryland Sea Grants - Marine Research
The Washington Post, DC
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Kennedy Center, DC
Environmental Protection Agency, DC
Department of Health & Human Services
The Gazette Newspapers
Maryland Public Television
Paid Internships - ECO
DC Internships Opportunities
Internships by Subject Area
Cultural Sites


General Sites (including business listings)
Rising Star Internships

Government Sites

City of New York Summer Internship Directory
Federal Government Internships
U.S. Department of State
Washington Intern Foundation

Communications Sites

American Society of Newspaper Editors
Directory of Direct Marketing Summer Internships
Mighty Internship Review: Journalism Internships

International Sites

Explorations in Travel: Volunteer Placements
Transitions Abroad
UCI International Opportunities Program

Minority Internship Programs

AAAA Multicultural Advertising Intern Program
Inroads: Internships in Business & Industry
Penn Summer Undergrad Minority Research Program
SEO: Corporate Internships in NYC
SEO: Corporate Internships in San Francisco
SEO: International Fellows Internship Program in London

Nonprofit Sites

Everett Public Service Internship Program
Feminist Majority Foundation Internships
Internships in Youth Development (from The National Assembly)
Quaker Information Center

Science Sites (including environmental listings)

Pharmaceutical Internships
Colorado State National Science Internship Directory
Environmental Careers Organization
National Science Foundation
Student Conservation Association
Medicine, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Internships

Seasonal Jobs/Camp Sites

Cool Seasonal jobs in parks, cruises
Camp Page: Summer camp jobs
Camp Staff: Summer camp jobs Seasonal & part-time jobs

Famous Interns
Madeleine Albright - The Denver Post
Carl Bernstein - The Washington Star
Steven Bochco - Universal Studios
Bill Bradley - Capitol Hill, DC
Dick Clark - WRUN (Utica, NY)
Linda Davis - With Reba McEntire
Patrick Ewing - Capitol Hill, DC
Bill Gates - Congressional Page
Spike Lee - Columbia Pictures
Richard Petty - With his father
Ronald Reagan - WOC (Davenport, IA)
Rob Reiner - Regional Theater on the East Coast
Brooke Shields - San Diego Zoo
Donald Sutherland - Repertory Theater (Nottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield)
Kiefer Sutherland - Williamstown Theater Festival
Donald Trump - Trump Corporation (construction)
Mike Wallace - Brookline Citizen
Sigourney Weaver - Williamstown Theater Festival
Oprah Winfrey - WTVF-TV (Nashville, TN)
Judy Woodruff - With a draftsman and engineer
Frank Lloyd Wright - With Representative Robert Stephens, Jr.

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